The Idea.

The idea to place a gliding mechanism into a shoe initially came about in 2008 when Gaynor travelled to Italy to pursue her life long passion for shoes.

Whilst working in a small cobblers shop in Florence – learning how to make Italian leather shoes by hand. It became apparent that when many people got their feet measured, they only required minor adjustments to their shoes for the perfect fit.

This need for minor changes to make shoes comfortable for all types of foot gave Gaynor the idea to create a mechanism to improve the manufacturing process. 

Sliding Mechanism.

The globally patented, modular base with sliding mechanism has a wide range of benefits.

Not only does it make the shoe more comfortable, it makes it extremely customisable whilst being extremely sustainable too.

Adjustable & Comfortable.

Slide. Click.

A simple, yet extremely effective sliding mechanism that is patented globally and can be implemented into the sole of any shoe.

High Heels, Trainers, Sandals, Kids shoes.

The unique design ensures any footwear can be comfortable.

One Sole. Fits All.

Our Patent.

UK Patent.

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Patent Information

The Benefits.

Straps are inserted into the mechanism and manoeuvred over the trainer giving perfect comfort.

With traditional laces you would
have to open up the trainer by pulling each and every line of the laces, open it up, insert your foot and then pull each lace back
into position.

With GLIDE A LACE you would simply and easily slide the laces up the mechanism, insert the foot and easily slide them back into place.

Gripping the foot and giving perfect comfort to the whole foot.

Also Benefiting from being able to move the support exactly were the wearer needs it on the