The Idea.

The idea to place a gliding mechanism into a shoe initially came about in 2008 when Gaynor travelled to Italy to pursue her life long passion for shoes.

Whilst working in a small cobblers shop in Florence – learning how to make Italian leather shoes by hand. It became apparent that when many people got their feet measured, they only required minor adjustments to their shoes for the perfect fit.

This need for minor changes to make shoes comfortable for all types of foot gave Gaynor the idea to create a mechanism to improve the manufacturing process. 

Sole Proposition.

The Only.
Fully Customisable.
Shoes On The Market.

This will be the first fully customisable, comfortable & recyclable shoe brand on the market.

We Have an ingredibly Strong I.P to license and an amazing product range to sell.

Break the mould into the UK shoe market which is 46bn Units.

Our closest competitor is who achieved 22 million units in their 3rd year.

Easily Recycled.

In a 'throw away society' that is becoming more socially aware of the effects we have on the environment, launching a footwear brand that has a sustainable culture makes sense.

We aim to not only make a fashion statement with the customisation possibilities.

But because the nature of our designs make it easy to separate all materials for recycling, we believe consumers will find them easier to recycle.

That's Sustainable.

Store. Less.

Instead of purchasing multiple pairs of shoes, a single base with multiple accessories can be purchased.

This doesn't only help store your footwear at home. It also means you can carry more in your luggage on airlines, pack more in a travel bag and travel light but be equipped for any occasion.

With sustainability in mind, it will also help reduce the amount of footwear being wasted each year.

More Choice.

Manufacturing Opportunity.

High Heels. Trainers. Kids.

With the help of our experienced designers, we have created a unique range of high heels & trainers.

With a range of kiddies shoes currently in the design phase.

With investment, we will manufacture our ranges of shoes which will be available for sale online & in retail stores.

Our roadmap includes a plan to franchise stores within 2-3 years.

Modern Designs.

Revenue Streams.

Selling Online.

We will sell via our Ecommerce website which we aim to market via social media, organic search and Pay Per Click.

We have also secured several high-profile influencers on social media to assist with the launch of our products and website.

Digital. Marketing.

Chain Stores.

Once our products are manufactured, we will be approaching major high street stores such as Harrods, John Lewis, Selfridges & other luxury shoe chain stores

Modern Designs.

Patent Licensing.

We are currently in talks with major trainer brands such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok & K Swiss to name a few.
About potential patent licensing opportunities to manufacture footwear of their own with our innovative patented solution.

Digital. Marketing.

Growth Potential.

Register Your Interest

For more information about the world’s first, globally patented luxury modular shoe design

Forbes Magazine.

July 2017 – Trade sale at year 5:
“Michael Kors buys Jimmy Choo for $1.2 Billion”

September 2018 – Trade sale at year 7:

“Michael Kors to buy remaining Versace shares $2 Billion.”

Manufacturers & Designers are all moving towards sustainability.

Our patent offers UNIQUE Comfort & customisation.

All the great fashion houses will have the opportunity to use our patent.

Our Ask.

I am looking for a shareholder that sees the potential in my business opportunity and shares my passion for the patent and it’s possibilities.

Someone who realises a true investment when they see it and are willing to back it with £150k for the opportunity.