Our Owner.

A creative, innovative & passionate entrepreneur that aims to inspire change within the global footwear industry.

Growing up in South Africa with a love for shoes, over the last 12 years, Gaynor Marie has pursued a life long passion to make a change on how we purchase and manufacture shoes.

Shoes are not recycled because there are to many components to separate  and it is just not cost effective. Our global patent will contribute greatly to resolving that problem. giving revolutionary  customisation and, comfort.

The Journey.

It’s been a long journey from the little cobblers shop in Florence, Italy – 2008 for It’s All About Shoes.

From learning how to make Italian leather shoes by hand.

To inventing & developing a global patent.  we have spent many years working with artist, engineers and artisans, producing prototypes to create a truly recyclable and customisable shoe design which will make shoes more comfortable,  & sustainable.

Our love and passion for comfortable, stylish shoes aims to shape the industry for years to come. And revolutionise the way we think about shoes.

Our Team.

Although there has been many people involved in the development of Gaynor Marie’s, Here are our 3 key players in making the vision possible.

Gaynor Marie.

Founder & Director
Creator of the Global Patent, Designer, Founder & Director.

Ashley Metcalfe.

Footwear Tecknologist & Designer
A tented, successful footwear technologist & designer with 37 years in the industry.