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The Shoe Addict.

Gaynor Marie Saunders – founder & designer of the global patent.

Grew up in South Africa – Where beaches, game drives and conservation were a big part of her upbringing – as were shoes

As a child she would love to play around by adding glitter and gluing accessories to her footwear!  

With a mission to combine her passions of shoes, design AND a love for the environment, Gaynor decided design beautiful, customisable shoes that are CustomisableSustainable & Luxurious.

Studying in Florence & Venice,  learning how to make Italian leather shoes by hand was when she realised – small adjustments make huge difference to overall comfort.

That’s where Gaynor Marie’s were born!

The Patent.

We own the world’s first & only global patent for a sliding mechanism in a shoe.

Business Proposition.

Since approaching the end of development, we are seeking investment to take the business to the next level

Fresh. Innovative. Current.

Our globally patented design means, with one base unit, you can achieve and create endless variations.

All of which are recyclable, comfortable and adaptable to different types of feet.

Our luxury modular shoe incorporates a gliding mechanism into the base unit, that allows the wearer to remove and replace the straps and change the designs.

Instead of a customer buying multiple pairs of shoes, they can purchase one base unit with multiple straps.

Thus creating endless design combinations, for any outfit style and occasion. Saving luggage space and great for the environment.

The Future Of Sustainability.


Society's obsession with 'newness', along with having the Fear Of Missing Out on the next Instagram like - makes consumers crave fresh looks constantly.

With a range of accessories in the pipeline, Gaynor Marie's can give your footwear the bling & custom look to match the occasion

Our Products Are Customisable.


Often, wearing heels can be painful.

A survey by Long Tall Sally revealed that 44% of women globally go out in shoes they know will hurt.

With the ability to slide your straps to multiple locations of the foot, Gaynor Marie's give you the support and comfort you need in a shoe.

Adjustable & Comfortable.


Approximately 140 million shoes end up in landfill annually in the UK alone.

Shoes are not recycled because it is just not cost effective to separate all the components.

Manufacturing the base unit and the design accessories separately, allows the shoe to be recycled completely, as the plastic and the components can be easily separated.

Now That's Sustainable.

" You'll Never find a pair of our shoes at the bottom of the ocean "

Gaynor Marie